For years, Dawn Chenault was a seasonal employee at Verus, stepping in to help during tax and other busy seasons to lend a detail-oriented hand.

But when an opportunity came along to join the firm, she didn’t say “Yes” simply because of the job. “For the people who work here, this is more than a career,” says Dawn, our billing specialist.

It’s a family here. And that’s the type of treatment we extend to our clients.

At Verus, Dawn manages our billing, her role guided by the firm’s fee-only vision and mission to charge clients only a single, transparent fee without pressure to fill quotas or sell products. “Internally, fee-only helps us because there is no pressure to make money, and the focus is on the client,” she says.

Dawn graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Mary Washington. She and her husband Stan have three children, and with that, are involved in numerous sports and extracurricular activities. Dawn is also a preschool Sunday School director and her husband is a preschool teacher at Cool Spring Baptist Church in Mechanicsville. “We realize how precious family time is, and we enjoy it no matter what we are doing together,” she says.