While attending a National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) conference during college, Alex Damm learned the value of the fee-only financial advisor.

“Being fee-only means being the utmost fiduciary you can be to your client, because you’re not working for a commission or trying to sell a product,” says Alex, a graduate of Virginia’s Tech’s top-ranked finance program. “I don’t like the idea of financial planners benefitting themselves more so than their clients.”

At Verus, Alex works with our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS® and tax advisers to help create personalized financial and retirement plans, build tax projections, and conduct investment research. In his work here, he is pursuing his own CFP® designation, which requires coursework and a Board exam. “I wanted to join a firm that is a part of NAPFA, which tells me, that they have the client’s best interests at heart,” Alex says.

“The lack of public knowledge about finance is why being a fiduciary is important to me,” he adds, “because I believe that it is our duty as financial planners to educate people and provide them with the advice that has their best interests at heart. I want to help others achieve dreams that they may have otherwise thought were impossible.”

Leaving Blacksburg, Alex chose Richmond as his new home due to it being a vibrant and evolving city and one that could serve as a “center point” to his family in Virginia Beach and Philadelphia. Here, he’s also close to the Shenandoah Valley and hidden Central Virginia spots where he can pursue his love of rock climbing.

Alex also enjoys playing the guitar. His current focus is on jazz and indie, which he finds “difficult to learn but rewarding to play.” Some of his favorite artists include Wes Montgomery and Yutaka Hirasaka.

He was also the first team member to join Verus amid the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely like his colleagues as the office operates under strict health and safety guidelines. “ I joke that on our first day back at the office, it will be my first day all over again,” he says.